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For a Perfect Work Climate

Our experts can take care of all your heating and cooling commercial needs.

HVAC Specialists for Commercial and Industrial Systems

At SENSIBLE Heating and Air Conditioning LTD., we are HVAC specialists servicing industrial and commercial customers in the GTA, from Burlington to Oshawa. You can count on us for your installation, upkeep and retrofitting needs. Call us for a free estimate!

Preventive Maintenance

Our long established company proudly offers personalized services that fit the specifics of your work environment. Preventive maintenance of air-conditioning and heating systems is our specialty. We strive to establish long term relationship with you while servicing and maintaining your building.

From installation to preventive maintenance, your HVAC system is in good hands.

Providing you with excellent air-conditioning and heating services is in our DNA.

The key to our success resides in our constant progress and utmost reliability.

Eco-Friendly Approach

At SENSIBLE Heating and Air Conditioning LTD., we make every effort to install the most eco-friendly heating, ventilation and air-conditioning solutions for your business. Our “green” heating and air-conditioning approach directly translates into economic benefits for GTA business owners and everyone.

Energy Efficiency
Using energy more efficiently reduces the commercial building’s operating costs and the cost-per-unit on manufactured goods and services. It enhances resale and lease value of real estate, and extends useful life of the HVAC equipment.

Recycle, Reuse, Reduce

Our methods decrease water usage, wastewater, waste materials and disposal costs, along with chemical use and disposal costs. As such, we encourage recycling and reuse of materials, develop markets for locally produced materials, save on transportation costs, and reduce emissions. Of course, improving indoor environment conditions produces healthier work places and increases productivity. SENSIBLE Heating & Air Conditioning LTD finally recycles all old HVAC equipment and any unused materials to keep our planet healthy.

The team at SENSIBLE Heating and Air Conditioning LTD.
The crew

Certifications and Training

Our Company

  • TSSA Registered (for Heating) – required work on heating equipment

  • TSSA Registered (Certificate of Authorization) – required to repair refrigerant line on systems over 5 tons in capacity

  • Fully Insured

  • WSIB 

Our Journeyman Technicians

  • Ontario College of Trades – Certificate of Qualification with a 313A Designation – required to work on refrigeration systems over 5 tons

  • TSSA – Gas Fitters 1 Certification – required to work on gas fired equipment over 400,000 BTUH

  • ODP Certification

  • Elevated Work Platform Training

  • Fall Protection Training 

  • Confined Space Awareness Training


Our Apprentice Technicians

  • Ontario College of Trades Registered

  • TSSA – Gas Fitters 2 Certification (as a minimum)

  • ODP Certification

  • Elevated Work Platform Training

  • Fall Protection Training 

  • Confined Space Awareness Training


Professional Affiliations

Refrigeration Workers of Ontario
ORAC – Ontario Refrigeration & Air-conditioning Contractors Association
HRAI – Heating, Refrigeration and Air-conditioning Institute of Canada
JTAC – Joint Training and Apprenticeship Committee
Ontario College of Trades
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